My Experience

I have been privileged to be a Massage Therapist for over nine years and have worked with thousands of people, yet each session is completely new. Come join me and countless others who seek to inhabit our bodies without pain or limitation.

Professional Training

I have training in Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Oncology Massage. I am certified in pre-natal massage through Claire Miller’s Nurturing the Mother program and I am currently going through a Medical Massage Certification program with Ralph Stephens.

Technique & Approach

Every Human Body is unique. A technique  or approach that works amazingly well for one person may be ineffective for another, and we won’t know what works until we try it. When you come to see me we will talk about why you are here, what outcomes you may hope the work will lead you toward, and we will create a plan for our session so that your expectations will be clearly defined for both of us. Then the Bodywork begins. I believe in modality integration through an intuitive-tinkering approach.

My pressure can be light or very deep depending upon your needs…we work with shades of subtlety. I work at a slow, smooth pace, rarely breaking contact and emphasizing unity of flow from one technique or area of the body to another. I listen to any feedback that you may wish to give me, and I listen to your body as it responds to touch. Each consecutive session builds on the foundation of the last massage, but is a stand-alone event in and of itself.


Never stop Learning, growing, moving! Since becoming a therapist I have explored various other forms of Martial art including Wing Chun and Taiji Quan, both of which have been instrumental in shaping how I understand the human body and the relationship between my hands and clients on the table. I spent several years pursuing Bouldering as a physical discipline and loved every minute of it!